Budapest, 18th – 19th June 2015



This Colloquium aims to provide insights from contributors into defining Kids and Retailing as a developing research subject area and provide a forum to share this body of knowledge between academics, and between academics and practitioners.

For the 2nd Kids and Retailing Colloquium the theme is ‘Future Trends’ based on the view that children are young people engaged in a moving universe shaping them as consumers while retailing is reinventing itself.
The specific context of this colloquium is to jointly explore the expectations of the first generation of kids experiencing the predominance of digital technologies and retailing having to radically change their business models to face continuing challenging economic conditions, new pure player dominance and powerful supplier brand selling concepts.

Budapest, at the meeting point between Europe and the Orient is an ideal setting to present and discuss current and relevant research in this topical subject at the initiative of ESSCA’s Research Lab. in Retailing and NovaChild Innovation Network for Children.  

A Special Issue of the International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management from papers presented at the  Colloquium will be produced (see the menu for more information).





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